One Girl in Portales

A Clovis & Portales Survival Guide

More than just tacos.

Home of the Sunland Peanutbutter burger.

I kept hearing references to the Taco Box on the radio. I passed it all the time. Finally one night when I was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking dinner, I went.

We are still branching out and trying to hit up all the local spots and this place was a total double whammy for me. Not only was it a little taco/burger place I’ve never before heard of, it also sold a burger topped with Portales’ own Sunland Peanut butter!

The order took a while even though we were the only ones in the joint. The guy hollering “Hey, Where’s the peanut butter!” from the kitchen to the register was also reassuring. They were nice kids just trying to make a burger. The place was clean but cluttered and you can tell it catered to the nearby college crowd. I like that they keep it fun and mildly disheveled.

As for the burger- it was gross. Not that they make bad burgers and not because the peanut butter was bad. It’s just that those two were personally not my favorite flavors to be experimenting with. I probably wont be back anytime soon because I’m not a huge fast food fan in general. I’m just really happy I got the opportunity to try this peanut beef concoction out. I suggest everyone try it once.

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One comment on “More than just tacos.

  1. Cheryl
    February 23, 2013

    Try the fried pickles and Carne adovada big box burrito or Monterrey steak burrito. I’m not a big fast foodie either, but Taco Box is a Clovis institution.

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