One Girl in Portales

A Clovis & Portales Survival Guide

Muleshoe TX; see it for yourself.

To get to Muleshoe take the 202. You pass through it to get to Lubbock.

Semi trucks like these are a very common sight.

There are a number of grain silos which I'm sure are what's keeping the town afloat.

The cowboy church must be quite the people watching experience.

Most of the buildings are as old and dilapidated as this one.

This was a nicer house than most in the area.

If you are brave enough to stay here, please send me a review!

The downtown area was unsurprisingly desolate.

In a nutshell, Muleshoe looks pretty depressing. In 2010 their population was tallied at just over 5,000. I’ve only stopped there once and that was just to fill up for our trip to Lubbock. Even then, the computer was broken (Shell) and I had to go to backtrack to a different gas station (Conoco). So I guess technically, I stopped twice.

Aside from the other drivers and truckers on the road, there aren’t many people out and about. This isn’t the kind of place where you see happy healthy people jogging down the road or children frolicking on the jungle gym. The whole town was just… dead. It could have been the weather, it was pretty gloomy. This just added to the run down look of a town forgotten long, long ago. The commercial buildings have boarded windows and are falling apart. The residential areas have yards full of rusted junk. I was a bit bummed I didn’t see anyone because I really wanted to snap photos of the Muleshoe-ians in their natural habitat.

On the brighter side of things, Muleshoe is home to a number of dairy farms and the worlds largest Muleshoe! If you feel like witnessing the struggles of their founders you can take an educational trip to the  heritage center. There you will find The Muleshoe Ranch Cookhouse and a one room log cabin (fun!!). If you are strapped for time, I’d suggest you take the educational drive to see the struggles of Muleshoe’s current residents. All you need to do is drive along the highway!

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