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Lake Sumner Photos

self pay station

All visitors must stop at the self pay station. It’s only $8 for Primitive Camping!

Lake Sumner State Park is about an hours drive away from Portales. This is a great place for fishing and boating. One of my favorite spots to relax, soak in the peace and quiet and catch some sun.  An awesome place to bring kids and dogs (as long as they aren’t bothering the people who are trying to relax). The entire park is child and dog friendly (sorry, no nude beaches here).

There are sites with RV hookups as well as campsites with benches and grills. You are also able to pitch a tent off the shore if you prefer primitive camping. Like the rest of New Mexico, the weather isn’t stable so be sure to look up winds and what not before heading out. Bring small bills for the pay station.

Happy Camping!!

ranger station

The ranger station was closed. The restrooms are located directly across and are pretty nice and clean.


camp site

There are sites with hookups for RVs and there are campsites with benches and grills. I prefer to camp the old fashioned way.

Lake Sumner

This is a little secluded spot we found to fish.


There are some sparse cacti.


There are plenty of little coves like this one where you can fish or swim without being disturbed.

Happy Camper IPA

For the trip I highly suggest Happy Camper IPA in a can. Its hoppy, you may not like it if you are into Budweiser or Coors or anything like that.

Bullet at Lake Sumner

The entire park is dog friendly.


Great place for fishing and boating. There is a boating ramp on the North end of the Dam.

2 comments on “Lake Sumner Photos

  1. Tracy
    August 27, 2013

    Is there any swimming around?

  2. one girl in portales
    August 27, 2013

    At Lake Sumner there is most definitely swimming! There are also some community pools in both Clovis and Portales AND an amazing pool at Cannon AFB, if y’all have base access.

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