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How I entertained my FIRST visitor from the city

One of my best friends!!

I must say that I was super excited to have one of my best friends come out to Portales to visit me. I’d only been in town for some months and I thought it’d take at least a year to get any of my back home buddies from Vegas (Nevada not New Mexico) to fly all the way out to Lubbock, TX. He was down with the two-hour drive from the airport to my little house and all was great. I was happy to receive a copy of the SouthWest itinerary in my email box and then my heart stopped beating for just a second… What on Earth am I going to do to entertain this guy?

I have come to the conclusion long, long ago that I am lot more excitable than most of my friends so even though I may think something is the bees knees, my friends sometimes (most of the time) don’t think so. I looked up everything that I could think of for entertainment including some recipes and restaurants in Lubbock. I complied a list of stuff to do and felt pretty confident that it would all go well… I had all the enthusiasm in the world. I can entertain Eric for a week, I knew I could, but I had just two small hurdles to get around that concerned me: Eric is a vegan & I don’t own cable TV.

When my hubby and I were at the airport waiting for his delayed flight, I figured I would call to see how long the wait was at the restaurant I wanted to go to. It’s a good thing that I did becuase when it rang the third time a disconnected service message played just for me. I called up The Funky Door as a back up, it’s one of my favorite wine and dine spots in Lubbock. I asked the twangy accent on the other end if there were any vegan options on the menu. ‘Yes ma’am, we serve many kinds of fondue.’ (face palm) Do you have anything without dairy? ‘There is no meat in the vegetarian lasagna’. It wasn’t even worth trying to explain to this sweet girl that cheese isn’t vegan and beef isn’t dairy. We found a Mediterranean place. When all else fails in the vegan, vegetarian, kosher diet specialty places… you can always fall back on Mediterranean food.

I had a bunch of things planned and was ready to knock Eric’s socks off with all the glory of my newly adopted little town!

Day #1: Dinner in Lubbock then Jazz Concert at ENMU

Day #2: BBQ & drinks then Santa Fe Opera at ENMU

Vegan kebabs set and ready to rock on the grill.

I made so many extravagant Polynesian style drinks during the day.

Day #3: Black Water Draw Museum then billiards at Goober McCools 

Eric holding up a real mammoth tooth at the Blackwater Draw museum.

Day #4: Clovis Rock & Roll Museum then dinner and a movie at home

I had a lot of fun at the museum mainly because I LOVE the 60s.

Checking out the displays at the Clovis Rock & Roll Museum

Jamming out to some Clovis tunes. I wish the town would embrace its musical past more.

Day #5: Hillcrest Zoo then drinks and karaoke at Goober McCools

These are the coolest water fountain ever!!

See how HAPPY we are! He’s having a great time.

Day #6: Fishing at Oasis State Park then bowling and beers at Cannon

My super awesome bowling shoes!

Eric put me and my sweetie to shame in bowling. Cannon Lanes also has pitchers of Blue Moon!

Day #7: Hangover brunch at Do Drop In then shopping at Mariachi Frog

We had lots of fun eating solely from the produce section at the grocery store. I  learned a lot about the importance of legumes as a protein source and that fishing isn’t fun when you take Eric. He made fun of my dumpy house  and was concerned about my neighborhood but I kind of expected that. My dream loft in the arts district downtown wasn’t exactly an option and I’ve learned to make do with my house, almost. He was impressed with the zoo and the rock and roll museum. The museum isn’t huge or  extravagant or anything but its built in a basement and for a basement… they really made it happen. I planned everything that I could and made more piña coladas for breakfast than I have since I lived in Las Vegas- Eric still found the time to read two books but he had a good time.

  At the end of the week Eric and I drove 12 solid hours to get him back to our home town, where I will be spending the rest of my summer…where I am writing this from now actually.

We have been having a blast over Summer in Vegas!

2 comments on “How I entertained my FIRST visitor from the city

  1. Guest1
    March 17, 2013

    I noticed you said you wish Clovis would embrace it’s musical past. The thing about music is that it’s constantly evolving, and Clovis embraces all Eastern New Mexico artists. There is an annual music festival, TONS of live shows from local artists, and if you haven’t heard of Will Banister and the Mullberry Band (even if you aren’t into country music) you should check out their history and their current recognitions.

  2. one girl in portales
    March 17, 2013

    Yes, I had the chance to catch Will Banister at the Peanut Festival in Portales. We had a blast! They can get any crowd boot skooting the night away. I cant say I know a thing about their history but its hard to miss their local following. There is a lot of local pride for those guys and it surely shows at their performances. I suggest anyone catch a show if they have the opportunity.

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