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Daylight Donuts


On special days when I manage to leave my house before 11am, I rush through town to stuff my face with donuts.

Let me first say that there is a Daylight Donuts in Portales AND one in Clovis so no one has an excuse not to go. I find my experiences are vastly different in either location.

Daylight donuts started in Tulsa in the 1950s but has since spread by franchise all over the place. The website says there are 900 in existence but I have never seen them before in my life. Known for their exceptionally light donuts and really early hours. This evasive donut is a little piece of history.

The same lady has worked in the Portales location since I moved here and I still do not know her name ( Shame on me!). She is a fine multi-tasker and I’ve witnessed her glide between the drive through and the front counter with ease. I see her mopping a lot too. They mop A LOT. That might also be because if I make it to the donut shop by 11:30am.. its probably 20 minutes before closing time and she is doing her end of day cleaning. I’ve seen a fair share of humble little older men in plaid shirts and suspenders, with trucker hats propped delicately atop their heads. Brim in sharp horizontal perfection. .. kind of like this. Chatting about cows or crops or church. Still using flip phones and milk of magnesia. A mild group who like their coffee black and are in no rush to get anywhere. Those dudes… and me.

The Portales location is right on the street with a parking lot on its side… meaning that there is only space for about 2 or 3 cars in the drive thru line before people start blocking East 2nd Street. It might be easier to just park and go inside.

Address: 600 E 2nd St, Portales, NM 88130
Phone:(575) 356-8762
Prices: $

The Portales location has very limited Drive-Up space.

The Clovis location is a mad house in comparison. Women in pant suits rushing in to grab 3 dozen donuts for the office. A group of men dressed similarly to the ones in Portales are met by a slimy looking car sales man/ politician in a tacky suit. Yammering on about local political type gossip that I know nothing about. Dozen box after dozen box flies out the door and everyone is in a rush to work… except those dudes.. and me. Expect far more parking and a longer drive-up line.

Address: 2201 N Prince St, Clovis, NM 88101
Phone:(575) 763-4744
Prices: $
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The donuts are super soft. Even the whole grain donuts are super soft and that dear friends, is a miracle. There isn’t much about this shop that isn’t typical of your average hometown donut shop except for its cult like following among locals, and that might not even be a surprise.  I remember when another donut shop opened in Portales and I asked one of my local buddies if he had been their yet. He replied, to wit: “HELL NO!! Daylight is the only donut shop I’ll ever go to.” So that’s that. I can tell that people have been coming to these places for years. Patrons and employees alike are all on first name basis (except for me, because they probably dont appreciate me coming in 15 minutes before closing). The quality of donuts is the same in either location, delicious. Both are on major streets so they are easy to find. Closed on Sundays and Mondays!!! CLOSED! Dont be like me and forget that very vital fact when you set your alarm clock for 7am on Monday morning… for nothing.

Amazing donuts. Amazing prices… the last time I went I got 2 donuts and 2 coffees for less than $5.

One comment on “Daylight Donuts

  1. TheChristei
    May 15, 2013

    Pretty much the only time Hubby and myself will crave a morning doughnut is on Sunday mornings, so sadly we don’t go often. My favourite doughnuts are still from Dunkin’ Donuts or a Tulsa three-location bakery called Merritt’s Bakery. Maybe I’m just the strange one that prefers them over Daylight Donuts, as I prefer Starbucks coffee over any other. (Although, that’s probably because Starbucks is where I really started drinking coffee. I know all their beans are burnt, but I love it.)

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