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The Roosevelt Brewing Company & Public House.

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People always banter back and forth, is it better in Clovis? Is it nicer in Portales? I feel like The Public house seals the deal. You have Chilis… but we have a brewery!

The sign was up long before the insides of the down town corner building was gutted. Months and months pass and people had started to believe it was too good to be true. Then… we started noticing workers in there. Weeks later there were big gigantic drums of what could be beer! The opening night was among us and people wrapped around the building for hours long waits to sit inside. What it all worth this hype and wait?

Hell yes it was!

Sippin' on my Dirt Town Brown

Sippin’ on my Dirt Town Brown

They made it work for sure and squeezed a bar, a kitchen, big beer making machines, tables and chairs and a waiting area… all into one room. Its more intimate than cramped though and its cool to see the whole process come alive. Waitresses are always on the go. Bartenders turn out beers and cappuccinos. The walls are painted a dark red and the ceilings are high. If there is live music you completely forget that you are in the heart of Portales NM., home of the Valencia peanut and about a million cows. The crowd reflects the community which of course is weird. Straight laced good ‘ol country boys rub elbows with liberal looking college kids. Families, military squadrons, church goers and hell raisers. We all eat here, we all drink here. Its a Public House after all.

This is where the magic happens.

This is where the magic happens.

I’m a firm believer that pizza and beer are a universal means of a good time.

Drink Local

Roosevelt Brewing Company and Public House. Its quite a mouth full so people will refer to it as ‘The Brewery’ even though my fingers were crossed that calling the place ‘The Public House’ would catch on. I still dont think its too late to change that. Regardless of what people are calling it, it immediately became a local favorite. Finally a reason for Clovis residents to keep making that 30 minute drive to our neck of the woods. The food is great and priced just right and the beer is undeniably amazing.

“All of our food is prepared from scratch the old-fashioned way. We strive to use local foods and are committed to using the freshest ingredients. Everything is cooked in our wood fired oven.”

Support Freedom

They serve wood fired pizzas that are great to share. Since a specialty pie is only $11 you can afford to get a couple, so you and your crew can try a slice of each. My personal favorite is The Shroomer (Porcini sauce, shiitake, garlic and basil) but I think once I get around to ordering the French Onion, (Big Stick Stout carmelized onions, Jarlsburg Swiss, ale braised shiitake) I will have a new favorite. There are some other vegetarian options on the menu, but of them, The Shroomer is the best so far. For meat eaters… you have quite a few options and none of them will let you down. I like the creative pizzas and the more obscure ingredients. Try the Greyhound *side note: Greyhound= ENMU mascot (Pesto, chicken, roasted garlic, basil, roasted green peppers, green chile). The Buffalo (buffalo sauce, chicken, bacon, gorgonzola, mozzarella)  is another one I hear ordered a lot and the Triple Pig (Pepperoni, ale- braised sausage and pancetta ham). You can see the whole menu online right now by following this link.

Dont pass up the cupcakes! The menu doesn’t give them the credit they deserve and the availability is changing all the time. Ask your waitress which ones they have and even if you can’t imaging eating another bite… take it home with you to enjoy later.

I’m very pleased to be able to eat here now without the regular 45 minute wait. As Summer has approached and the ENMU students have all gone home to their families, the whole town feels a little thinner. I’m sure by Fall a whole new slew of kids will come and flood the Public House once again. On weekends its still pretty busy and on live music nights… its slammed.

Not only do they make beer, they also keep other New Mexico beers on tap.

Not only do they make beer, they also keep other New Mexico beers on tap.


The beer  itself will be another review at a later time. What I will say now is that you will be impressed. Craft style brews are given regionally appropriate names such as ‘Dirt Town Brown’ and ‘Clovis IPA’. Not a beer drinker? Most of  my girlfriends that I bring in who dont have a ‘beer palette’ are still happy with sipping on an ‘Eleanor’s Blonde’. They have quite a few New Mexico beers on tap as well. Santa Fe brews, Marble, ect. You can sit and have a glass or take home a growler. (growler= refillable 1/2 gallon jug made for transporting beer from one place to another).

This place gets a thumbs up from me and its a great place for anyone. If you have a visitor in from out of town, this is definitely a place that you will want to take them, so you can prove that living in the country ain’t all tumble weeds and cow pies.

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One comment on “The Roosevelt Brewing Company & Public House.

  1. Shyanne
    May 27, 2013

    Awesome! I’m so glad you like it. My husband is the chef there. We just visited the farm to see what produce a local farmer is growing for them. Lots of really good local veggies are coming soon. Love your blog. You’re a great writer.

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