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A new dress and some great advise from Olive & June Boutique

I think their sign is adorable

It was cute! Funky font, bright colors. It looked like a sign for the kind of place I’d want to shop. It took some time before I  got in to investigate but when I finally did, I was very happy. I remember looking to my friend and saying “OMG. This is awesome! We found the Pinterest store!”

The kitschy decor has bright colors, encouraging messages and you just want to touch and play with everything.  It looks like what I want my closet to look like. There is an inviting presence and everyone inside becomes friends.  Even if you are shopping alone, the owner is at the ready and delighted to stand in as your bestie. I can’t really put my finger on why, but there is an ambiance at Olive & June that just says… play. Come play dress up. Try it on, why not.

Christei gives the peace sign of approval.

Olive & June has regulars from ages 14 to 70. There is something for everyone. My friend Christei gives that the peace sign of approval.

Don’t feel like you can only shop here if you are rich and wear a size 2. No one wants to shop at a place that makes you feel fat and broke. This boutique is for everyone and even has a section of contemporary and stylish extended sizes. The prices are fantabulous (yeah, I just said fantabulous, so what.) $30 tops, $60 jackets. Affordable yet adorable! The goal for the shop is that you can buy the hip and hot items you want right now (hello, crazy print stretchy pants!) and not feel guilty if you want to retire them later (remember the stirrup stretchy pants craze?).  All the current trends are in attendance. Chevron stripes peek out from wooden hangers and ikat prints hang on the scarf rack. There is also jewelry, purses, belts and all the other kinds of bells and whistles. You definitely want to go here.

So sute

I love shopping at Olive & June for so many obvious reasons.  Its cute, its packed with the latest styles and its affordable… but most of all I love to shop here because I’m helping to ‘keep the dream alive‘. I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know more about the creator of Olive and June. I asked some simple questions. I wanted to know just the basic stuff that I ask every business, but, I  got something so much better. I realized when I received Lindsay’s message response that I was not talking to a business, I was talking to a real person. She’s a busy gal and juggles being a military spouse, a mother and a business owner. She was happy to get back to me between the kiddo’s bath time and lights out. So many of us can relate to that.

Lindsay is a super sweet girl who, like many military spouses, has had her share of being moved around.  The transient lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges and when it came to her career, she was getting bit disheartened. Don’t you think for a second that moving again was going to sog up this girls Cheerios! When she found out that she would be in Clovis for a while, she knew it was her opportunity to create something that she could be passionate about. The rest is history!

“It was a huge gamble, especially since this isn’t our forever home, but for me it was important to do something I’ve always dreamed of.”

I love all these colors!!

It totally blows me away and inspires me that she has taken a little patch of Clovis and transformed it into this inviting space where any woman can go to find stylish items for a great price, regardless of age or size. Her children are happy at play. She treats everyone who walks through her door like an old friend. Olive & June is Lindsay’s labor of love and you can support that and connect with it every time you need a new pair of leggings. Its a local shop with a heart. I love it.

I guess I should end my post here. But I wanted to share one more thing.

“I have to say that this is my favorite station ever. Yes, there is no Target or Olive Garden, but the community here is tight-knit! My best advice is to get involved. I think the fastest way to make a place feel like home is by contributing to the community and making friends.”

Olive and June

The decor is kitschy and simple.

2 comments on “A new dress and some great advise from Olive & June Boutique

  1. Lorraine Irby
    June 8, 2014

    Hello! I wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I was in Clovis last week for an unexpected two day visit. We had a mechanical issue so while the husband worked to fix the problem, I googled “Must do in Clovis, New Mexico” and found your blog. I love your spirit and am so glad that you are enjoying your time. Husband had the rental car, so I walked from the Holiday Inn to Olive and June’s Boutique and bought a picture as a gift for my daughter, the only souvenir from our trip. Keep having fun, and when I happen to be back in Clovis, you can bet I will check your blog to see if I can find any other adventures.


  2. one girl in portales
    June 28, 2014

    Lorraine, I’m so happy that the blog served you well! Thank you so much for the note. It brightened my day❤

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