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The Good Ju Ju Movement hits Portales.

I have never watched the movie that this quote came from but man... they were right!

I have never watched the movie that this quote came from but man… they were right!

 I’ve been reading a lot of books on happiness and community organization. Watching lots of TEDtalks and refocusing my purpose on this little rock we live on. As I am stripping away my fears of failure and putting my love into the people with reckless abandon. I have to tell you guys, I find myself quite liberated.

I also find that what I’ve been (incorrectly) referring to as good ju ju… attracts more good ju ju. We’ll call this the Good Ju Ju Movement. People who are falling in step with the Good Ju Ju Movement are opening their hearts and homes for the community. Its easier to be in the movement than out of it. The people here are great and it seems that all at once, everyone around me are joining hands to become even greater.

I threw a post on one of the community FaceBook pages about a month ago asking what people did to connect with others. How do they link up with people? How do they make new friends and how do they make this strange new place feel like home? The response was incredible. Immediately I was flooded with everyone’s success stories. Volunteering, clubs, sports teams, classes, mothers groups, craft groups. Some people use having a side business as a way of meeting people and some just live at the gym with fellow gym rats. There is no wrong way to do it! People are social creatures and they are out there… socializing.

So now I’m all motivated and have done my homework on organization and gathered all this info from the people who share this town I call home. I have thrown caution to the wind, I have started unclicking the ‘invite only’ box and started making event pages like a mad person. Really, thats kind of all I do. I make event pages for things I would like to go to and then it turns out… other people want to go to them too.

My first official ‘community shindig’ was a Very Vegetarian Potluck. Seemed simple.

My first ever attempt at a community event had 30+ guests! Success!!

My first ever attempt at a community event had 30+ guests! Success!!

A community get together to make friends and eat good food!

Not everyone is great at cooking but everyone is great at something! If you want to bring something that isn’t food, surprise us! As long as it is vegetarian, it is welcome.

Come out and meet some of your Portales neighbors! We have all been kooked up in our houses for months. Come to my home, its time we all became friends.

I threw it out there. There was no turning back now. My greatest fear was no one showing up. My greatest support were my friends that love to cook. As the RSVP’s reached the tens I was satisfied. As long as these people all showed up- I would call it a party. Then over the weeks I started getting messages from people who have just moved here. Is it OK if I come too? I really want to meet people. Well duh! Of course you can come! Twenty RSVP’s turned into the need for a bouncy house. The bouncy house made it OK for people with children to show up so then they started hopping on the community bandwagon. Now 30. 31. 32… O.M.G. Can I fit these people in my house?

Another something similar happened when one girl (not me) invited the community for coffee. If you build it, they will come. We pushed tables together and introduced ourselves. Hello my name is your neighbor, welcome to Portales.

Not the best photo ever but you get the point. One girl calls, a community answers.

Not the best photo ever but you get the point. One girl calls, a community answers.

Yesterday the community came together for the biggest bestest Switch & Bitch! It took hours of volunteers creating a pop up shop right in my living room. Every guest donated their Spring Cleaning purges and we all got to shop FOR FREE! Everything left over is being donated to the  thrift shop donation drive, where it will do good for the community. Win. Win. Win. We all came out with awesome clothes and we all got to make so many new friends along the way. I’ll be writing about how we did it in another post so you can organize your own Switch & Bitch.

This coming weekend another girl (again not me and also not the coffee girl) decided to open her home to the community for a ‘Favorite Things’ party. The Favorite Things Party hasn’t happened yet and she’s probably stressed out that no one will show up- but I can only imagine that the Good Ju Ju fairy has waved her wand and that it will be another community success.

So, instead of you guys only hearing about all this awesome fun after the fact, I will give you the heads up about my attempt at the next big thing. In a couple weeks we’re inviting people out again for a giant coffee date. We’re bringing coffee mugs from home as our identifier.

Its a snowball. A big giant wave of Good Ju Ju coming over Portales!! What I have learned is; Don’t fear  failure. Once we can do that we can do anything.

Meet the town for coffee April 4th at 10am!

Meet the town for coffee April 4th at 10am!

The best part of small town life is making lasting friendships. Its living in a community where everyone is really nice because everyone is your neighbor. Lets meet our neighbors for coffee!

This is partly an experiment- I’ve never set up a coffee date with an entire town before. I am hoping though, that I get to meet some new people and that other people also get to meet new people. YAY for meeting people!

Please bring your own coffee mug to the Do Drop In on this day. Not only is it better for the environment, it will also be our identifier. If you see someone with a mug from home, you’ll know that they are here to meet new faces! Its also a great conversation starter!

2 comments on “The Good Ju Ju Movement hits Portales.

  1. Chanee
    July 12, 2014

    How does someone go about finding these get togethers? I would love love to participate!

  2. Kristine
    August 5, 2015

    I’m moving to Clovis for one of two reasons I’m sure most people move to clovis/portales. I have been panicky and depressed and this blog has just given me an enormous boost of hope. I hope I get to meet you, based on what I’m reading I think I’d fit right in.

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