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A new salon- A New You

new you 2.jpg

A few weeks ago the doors opened to a contemporary hair and nail salon… right here in Portales!

I had passed the spot a couple times and will admit I was curious… but not necessarily intrigued. I had no real intention of stopping in because I usually do my own hair or get it done when I visit home. Then today, I was browsing FaceBook, tapping away at my laptop and shaking my head in shame at my horrible nails.

Yuck! My top coat was peeling back from my chipped Chanel polish. Gardening has taken its toll and I was ripe (perhaps I let myself get a little too ripe) for a mani. Some girls were bantering online about their experiences at A New You and everyone seemed to be very happy with their hair services. Well, thats nice… wait!! THEY DO NAILS TOO?!

2o minutes later I breezed through the doors of A New You… nails looking all kinds of haggard. The salon is a bicycle ride from my house which is a plus because I’m all about that convenience! There are two girls in there, thats it. Between them, they do it all. I went in with only the intention to get my desperately needed manicure. When I found out that they carry Pravana colors I immediately tacked on a hair cut and color. Eek! I am SO happy that I found a place with young people in it! The fact that they even had my favorite inky blue hair dye on hand spoke volumes about them as people. Good people…

I was ready!

I was ready!

new you 8.jpg

new you 1.jpg


So after chatting with them for a while, I got the scoop. Nancy and Misty were friends that went to beauty school together, they worked at some salon and decided.. hey… we can do this. Then these ladies took the jump and ventured on the scary path of opening their own business. (How exciting!) The vision was simple- a salon where there was freedom to be creative and  the time to ‘do good work’. This is no wham bam thank you ma’am kinda spot. They really do take their time with each client and make sure that each mani, pedi, cut and color is just right. They strive for happy customers and are not afraid to do something new. (think ombres, funky colors, retro updos, ect.)  I know that my girlfriend Crystal had been to just about every salon in Portales looking for a bold retro red and Bettie Bangs. After 3 failed attempts at other salons, I pointed her in the direction of A New You. She’s VERY happy.

FINALLY Crystal got the bangs she's been looking for. YAY!

FINALLY Crystal got the bangs she’s been looking for. Don’t mind that they are wind ravaged in this photo. YAY!

Aside from the great personality and openness of the salon, I love the stress on sanitization and quality. Their pedicure chair is state of the art and is top of the line in cleanliness. Liners get removed and disposed of between every client.


new you 3.jpg



I guess the next thing I should cover are the prices. Let me tell you- they are not bad at all! I’ve noticed that some people have stressed that they ‘don’t have a military or student discount’. To that I say- the prices are already great! Stop being so cheap. I am so into the girls at A New You right now. Fo’ real. Every person I have sent their way has come out of those doors looking and feeling fabulous. Expect to see a lot more good looking hairdos around here!


new you 5.jpg


In conclusion I would give this place a big thumbs up!! (obviously)

new you 6.jpg

2 comments on “A new salon- A New You

  1. Matti Dos Santos
    April 10, 2014

    I had a great experience here! Misty was super friendly and she did an awesome job on my hair! I only got my ends trimmed and a blowout, but she made me look like a million bucks anyway. Also got an eyebrow wax. They use hard wax (no strips) so it’s less painful. All this for 25 bucks before tip. Seriously, give this place your money, you won’t regret it. I’ll definitely be back when I need to get my colour done!

  2. TheChristei
    April 11, 2014

    OMG those prices ARE amazing!

    And Crystal’s wearing my old SammyDress dress! Glad it found a good home! (n_n)

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