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The Best Ever P-Town Scavenger Hunt

Oh yes, this is happening. You know things are serious when there is a QR code involved.

Oh yes, this is happening. You know things are serious when there is a QR code involved.

If you haven’t already heard- Portales is having the best ever Community Scavenger Hunt on May 17th. Its kind of a big deal for a couple reasons. Reason #1 is that its the first time that I’ve been involved in random strangers coming together to create something wonderful for random strangers and Reason #2 is that this Scavenger Hunt is the official kick off of One Community in Portales. A spin off of this blog that you are reading right now except… this community is not online. Oh no. We are real and we live here.

The planning that is going on right now is pretty awesome and the  handful of us volunteers are learning so much about the history and forgotten facts about the area. We’re getting outside, walking around and rediscovering the beauty and culture of our down town. We realize that its been kind of a while since we took the time to truly explore and appreciate the uniqueness of Portales. I’m not native to this area, so, being paired up with locals and ENMU students has been awesome for me. The trifecta is coming together (military, local, student) and we are getting to see the town through each others eyes. Ahh!! We are so excited to share that experience with the community! One Community. The One  Community in Portales. (Do you get it now?)

What started as a group of strangers has become a group of neighbors. Thats what this is all about. We’ve been working together, encouraging each other to use our strengths and all of us are keeping creative.

The Scavenger Hunt will be a blast! There is simply too much love being poured into it for it not to be. We’re going to meet new people, get out side and work together for 45 minutes. Yup. Just 45 minutes is all that we are asking. (Though you are more than welcome to linger as long as you’d like at the after party)

RSVP on the Event Page.

So where do we go from here? Do you want to get involved? Do you have any ideas or want to support us somehow?


One comment on “The Best Ever P-Town Scavenger Hunt

  1. one girl in portales
    June 28, 2014

    YAY!!! One Community in Portales and our scavenger hunt was not only a lot of fun and a great success, we also made the local paper!!

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